The Story


A great while ago, when the world was full of wonder, a recipe for the most exquisite beer was forged, deep in the heart of Bavaria. Its taste was unsurpassable and no other brew throughout the land could outrival its velvet perfection. This legendary recipe was passed down from generation to generation, as a closely guarded secret.

Today, Wunderbar continues to be crafted at our brewery in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, under Germany’s trusted purity laws that date all the way back to 1516. This means that only the finest ingredients are used and that the highest standards of production are always observed. Thus, ensuring that you drink only the best tasting
beer that mankind has ever conceived.

Now you too can procure the rich heritage of Bavarian pride with these four delectable brews: Wheat White,
Wheat dark, Premium Pilsner, and Alcohol-Free.

Wunderbar – hold the taste of Germany’s finest in your very own hands!